Withdrawal and Cancelation Policy

Cancellation Policy due to COVID-19:
  • Entries will be considered on a first in last out basis should the participation capacity be reduced due to restrictions placed on the event due to COVID-19.
  • Should the event be cancelled / entry numbers reduced by the Event Organiser due to COVID-19 related reasons, every entrant shall be entitled to a full refund of their entry fee.

Withdrawal Policy:
  • No refund shall be given in the event that a participant cancels their entry into the event. The event organiser may consider a refund under exceptional circumstances such as illness and/or any other extraordinary circumstance. In that case, the Event Organiser will evaluate a request for refund on its merits and such refund shall be at the discretion of the Event Organiser.

Force Majeure: 
    • No entry fee shall be refunded to a participant for a cancellation of the Event due to acts of God (so called Force Majeure), which acts shall include but not be limited to adverse weather conditions, riots, strikes, political unrest and/or any other occurrence not within the control of the event organiser.