Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg entries for 2024 are open!

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In keeping with this year’s theme, #SoundsOfJoburg, we wanted to create a theme song that truly embodies the spirit of Johannesburg and its people.

The Abbey Road Institute students answered our call and did an incredible job creating a song and lyrics that personifies the City of Joburg in sound. When you listen to it, you hear the sounds of Joburg and feel the City’s energy and vibe.

The distinct genres in the song represent the different cultures in our City coming together in harmony. We approached MO International to choreograph a unique dance sequence that would be funky, catchy and easy to learn, so people from all walks of life can come together and dance like no one is watching.

Dance Tutorial

Join the Celebration, Download the Ride Joburg theme song and post your version of the dance on Instagram and TikTok with the #tag #SoundsOfJoburgDanceChallenge