Registrations of new charity teams close on 22 September 2024.
Cyclists may join already registered charity teams until 16 October 2023.

More than just a cycle race

The Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg , hosted by the City of Johannesburg, is more than just a cycle race – it’s a platform for people to accomplish something great.

Whether you want to achieve a personal goal; fundraise for a charity under Ride for a Purpose or help those who need a boost en route, this is an event that allows participants and supporters alike to reach out, support each other, and make themselves and the whole of Joburg proud.

Why not commit to tackle the challenging 97 km route for a cause that is greater than yourself. Since its inception in 2011, the Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg Ride for a Purpose initiative has helped countless charities raise over R103 million enabling these organisations to continue the good work they do, touching lives across the nation.

Here’s how you can become a Ride for a Purpose Hero:

Register your Charity Team

A Charity Team is made up of 10 or more entries to help raise funds for the charity. Only registered charities may use the Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg as a platform to raise funds and awareness for their cause.

Registrations of new charity teams close on 22 September 2024. Cyclists may join already registered charity teams until 16 October 2024.

Ride for a Purpose and join a registered Charity Team

If you’d like to ride for or donate funds to a registered charity, choose a registered charity from the list below and contact the team leader directly for information on how to become a part of their charity. Charity entries close on 16 October 2024.
You will need to use a promo code from the charity team leader to link you to their team when entering online.

Introducing Race for a Purpose - the Ride for a Purpose Competitive Batch.

What is Race for a Purpose?

  • In 2022 we introduced a competitive charity batch for serious cyclists who also wish to support a charity of their choice.
  • A Race for a Purpose Team need to recruit 12 x riders, with at least 3 x female riders. The team of 12 need to stay together and finish together. 
  • The Race for a Purpose riders will have an early Start Time just after the A-batch. 
  • Teams are not allowed to draft behind other Race for a Purpose teams, but teammates are encouraged to work together. 
  • The top Race for a Purpose Charities will be featured on Television and other media including social media. 

Who can Race for a Purpose? 

  • Race for a Purpose will be open to one batch of 300 participants only. 
  • Any Registered Charity can enter a team/teams and entries will be sold on a first come, first served basis. 

How to Race for a Purpose

  • Choose your Charity
  • Request a Race for a Purpose coupon code from your Charity
  • Enter as usual, but use your Race for a Purpose coupon code

Why should I Race for a Purpose?

  • If you are a competitive rider who wishes to ride your best possible time, but you also want to support a good cause, then Race for a Purpose is for you. 
  • Race for a Purpose also doubles as a great team building initiative where teammates need to assist each other to ensure that their team finishes together. 

Enjoy the post race celebration!

Hospitality packages


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The Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg 2024 suggested fundraiser journey


This year we’ve partnered with GivenGain, a global online fundraising platform, to enabling you to give back to any of our official charities listed below or any other charity* you care about, by creating a personal fundraising project in their benefit.

Simply tap into your personal network by sharing your GivenGain fundraising project with your friends and family. And best of all, it's free, quick and fun!

Download the step-by-step “how to fundraise” guide? Download it below.

*Is your charity not yet on GivenGain or got a fundraising question? Get in touch with GivenGain at fundraising@givengain.com.