The latest 947 Ride Joburg Road route will take cyclists over 97km of thrilling Joburg terrain that they get to own for a day! Along with the City of Joburg, we’re shutting down some of the busiest roads on the continent to offer cyclists of all abilities a liberatingly safe space to realise their goals.

Residents letters

We will keep all residents, businesses and churches that operate directly or reside along the route up to date regarding the 947 Ride Joburg in the build-up months to the event on Sunday 21 November 2021.

Route Map

View the current 947 Ride Joburg Road Route Map. *Route maps are subject to change

Route Communication

We encourage all residents, businesses and churches to register on our Route Communications database for further correspondence regarding the 947 Ride Joburg event.

Certain roads throughout Johannesburg will be closed from 04h30 – 17h00 by Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department, Johannesburg Road Agency, Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport and the City of Joburg.

We thank you in advance for your support and understanding to all those who may be affected by the event and road closures.

For any Route Communication queries please email 

We understand the impact of the road closures and thank you for sharing your streets for the day. Your co-operation ensures the safety of cyclists and all those involved in making the biggest annual celebration of cycling in South Africa a success.

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