947 Ride Joburg

Mtb 2021

Steyn City is offering mountain bikers the opportunity to explore the incredible network of mountain bike trails constructed inside the estate walls normally reserved exclusively for residents

COVID Compliant


Please read through and abide by all COVID-19 regulations with regards to sanitising, wearing of mask/buff, and social distancing. 


Per category

There will be prize money up for grabs in the 50 km and prizes to be won in the 25 km.

Rules and Regulations


More information on conditions of participation, late entries, withdrawals, event batching, rules and safety.

Indemnity Clause

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Please read through our Indemnity clause. Make sure you understand and consent to all rules and regulations.

The 947 Ride Joburg Mountain bike events takes place on 13 & 14 November 2021 at Steyn City and riders may choose between a 25 km on Saturday or a 50 km route on Sunday. But do not be deceived. Even though the distance is only 50 km, it packs an elevation punch of 800 metres! The trails are delightfully diverse with around 75% singletrack connected via sections of gravel roads and cement golf pathways. Trails pass through grassland and lush river sections with sharp punchy climbs keeping riders on their toes. Where else can you experience the freedom of nature right in the middle of the Urban Joburg Jungle? This is proper mountain biking for the true mountain biker at heart.

Event detail

Event pricing

R435 50km

*Includes 15% VAT and CSA rider levy

R335 25km

*Includes 15% VAT and CSA rider levy

Event format

The 947 Ride Joburg MTB is divided into two distances of 25km / 50km mountain bike trails constructed inside the estate walls normally reserved exclusively for residents. Start times and batch sizes will be determined closer to the time based on Covid-19 regulations. All entrants are required to submit non-Ride Joburg race results for seeding by 30 September 2021 here.

The Organising Committee will use selected results manually submitted AND selected SAS MTB results obtained from events between 1 November 2018 and 30 September 2021 for seeding of 25km / 50km entrants.

If you have entered the 50km event, you will require a minimum qualifying seeding by 30 September 2021 in order to qualify to take part in this distance.
Only pre-paid pre-entries will be accepted to reduce queueing and promote social distancing.

Covid Regulations will apply where applicable.


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