947 Ride Joburg

Kids 2021

Join us for this fun filled event at Steyn City. This is where our fledgeling cyclists have the opportunity to fly. Choose their age and ability appropriate distance and watch them go!

COVID Compliant


Please read through and abide by all COVID-19 regulations with regards to sanitising, wearing of mask/buff, and social distancing.



This is not a competitive race therefore no prize money is awarded. We are expecting a fun-filled day for the kids.

Rules and Regulations


More information on conditions of participation, late entries, withdrawals, event batching, rules and safety.

Indemnity Clause

Read through

Please read through our Indemnity clause. Make sure you understand and consent to all rules and regulations.

The 947 Ride Joburg Kids offers a variety of wonderful adventures, with closed-off routes where children with different skill levels can experience an exciting day of cycling on tarred or MTB routes.  Every young entrant will receive a T-shirt, goodie bag and medal at the finish to celebrate their participation.

Event detail

Click on the button below to take you straight to the 947 Ride Joburg Smile Foundation Cyclethon information brochure.
It contains all you need to know to finish your race with Joburg flare!

Event pricing


*Includes 15% VAT

Entry categories


(age appropriate: 2 – 4 years) 1km - Push bikes and tricycles, a mom or dad can join.


(age appropriate: 5 – 6 years) 1.5km - Trikes, push bikes and training wheels allowed, no parents


(age appropriate: 7 – 8 years) 3km - Bicycles only, no training wheels


(age appropriate: 9 – 10 years) 5.5km - Bicycles only, no training wheels

Event format

Kids Road categories (on tarred / paved roads within Steyn City):

  • Birds – 1km* Push bikes and tricycles. (age appropriate 2 – 4 years).
  • Meerkats – 1km* Trikes, push bikes and training wheels allowed (age appropriate 5 – 6 years).
  • Lions – 2.8km* Bicycles only, no training wheels (age appropriate 7 – 8 years).
  • Elephants – 5.5km* Bicycles only, no training wheels (age appropriate 9 – 10 years).

Kids MTB (on MTB single tracks / paths within Steyn City):

  • Kids 5km / 10km MTB (age appropriate, 8 – 16 years only)
  • This MTB ride for kids serves as a great introduction to mountain biking and is manageable for all levels, especially kids who may have outgrown the Birds – Elephants categories above.
  • Should entrants want an official result they must please participate with a SAS board linked to their personal profile, which can be purchased when entering (optional).

Entrants will be started in batches according to the group they chose when entering / batch allocated based on date of entry.
Only pre-paid pre-entries will be accepted to reduce queueing and promote social distancing.
Covid Regulations will apply where applicable.


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