Covid Regulations

Procedure and protocol are slightly different during the COVID-19 pandemic, but necessary to ensure the ongoing organisation of events during lockdown.

All participants will need to familiarise themselves with and abide by the COVID-19 event regulations that will be applied at the time of the event.  This will be communicated to participants closer to event day.

  1. Only paid pre-entries will be accepted. There will be no late entries or unpaid entries available at the venue. This eliminates unnecessary queueing and promotes social distancing.
  2. No late seeding applications will be processed at registration. This eliminates unnecessary queueing and promotes social distancing.
  3. Participation numbers may be limited as per the COVID-19 regulations at the time of each event. Should the event be cancelled / entry numbers reduced by the Event Organiser due to COVID-19 related reasons, every entrant shall be entitled to a full refund of their entry fee.
  4. Only participants may be allowed on the venue on event day due to COVID-19 regulations, no spectators may be allowed. This will be communicated to participants closer to the time.
  5. No participants will be allowed to access the event venue without the following compulsory items:
    1. Mask or Buff
    2. Helmet
    3. Bicycle
    4. Unique identifying Race Number:
      1. KIDS – bike board attached with cable ties to the entrant’s bicycle.
      2. MTB – SAS number board already mounted on your bike.
      3. ROAD – 947 Ride Joburg timing chip mounted on your bike and bib number attached with safety-pins to the back of entrant’s shirt.
  6. Practise proper social distancing at all times – no physical contact between any persons, please. Always keep your bike between yourself and the next rider. Always wear your mask/buff to cover both your nose and mouth at the same time, at the venue and water points. You may remove your mask/buff once you are out on the course.
  7. Sanitiser stations will be available throughout the venue. Please look out for these and make use of them as much as possible.
  8. Riders will be advised as to what time they should arrive at the venue prior to the start of their batch. Please do not arrive too early or too late.
  9. All riders entering the venue will pass through the screening and scanning area where your temperature will be taken and an electronic questionnaire completed.
  10. Any person registering above 37.5 degrees or who does not qualify according to the basic questionnaire will unfortunately not be allowed to access the venue or event.
  11. From the scanning area, participants may proceed directly to the batch holding pens and await their start.
  12. Toilet facilities will be available. Please sanitise before entering and after exiting the toilets.
  13. There will be beverage and food vendors at the venue, but there may be limited sit-down areas or tents. COVID-19 regulations do not encourage unnecessary congregation.
  14. When approaching the water points, please refit your buff or mask and only touch the items you will keep with you.
  15. Water points will be touch-less and any foodstuff will be wrapped and sealed.
  16. At the Finish, participants may collect their own medal and proceed swiftly out of the fenced area through to the finish waterpoint area.
  17. Due to COVID-19 restrictions it may not be possible for participants to hang around at the venue after completion of their race. Food and beverages will be available for purchase but may only be available for take away.
  18. Please exit the venue at your earliest convenience to minimise the COVID-19 risk as much as possible.
  19. There may be no prize-giving at the venue after the events subject to COVID-19 regulations at the time. If so, all winners will be announced via social media and newsletters after the event.

The COVID-19 regulations at the time of the event will supersede any of the above and will be updated and communicated to entrants before the event.