Biogen, ready to fuel Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg.

Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg is proud to announce its continued partnership with leading health and wellness nutritional supplement giant, Biogen. When brand values align, you know the outcome can only be good – in this case energised and vitalised cyclists being their best on race day!

Virgin Active Ride 947 Joburg ROAD

Biogen will stock all Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg ROAD water points with great-tasting Biogen Energy Nougat Bars, rich in vitamins and minerals, and perfect for boosting flagging energy levels.

Be sure to visit the Biogen stand when you collect your race pack at the Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg Lifestyle Expo from 17 – 19 November at FNB Stadium. They will be running exciting specials tailored specifically to the needs of race entrants. 


Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg MTB

Our MTB riders can look forward to refuelling with Biogen Cytogen Race Mix along the way. It contains a blend of moderate and faster-releasing carbohydrates, making it an ideal endurance performance solution to satisfy immediate energy requirements as well as sustained energy for longer periods of exercise.

Grab a tasty Biogen Energy Nougat Bar from the water table to keep hunger at bay and boost energy levels. 

And when you cross the finish line, you can pick up your ice-cold can of Biogen ElectroLITE drink ensuring that you replenish your body with electrolytes to enhance fluid absorption and prevent muscle cramps.

Be your best thanks to Biogen.

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