947 Ride Joburg MTB 25 km race will take place on 13 November

We have a great idea…

The 947 Ride Joburg MTB 25 km race will be moving to Saturday 13 November 2021 to coincide with the 5 km and 10 km KIDS MTB races.

This date change for the 25km event will mean that we will be able to safely cater for more participants while still adhering to Covid regulations. It secondly ensures a safer riding environment for all participants, as all the routes will now be contained inside Steyn City with its world-class security. The trails in Steyn City are great fun and we can now ensure that every participant experiences the trail without overlap from other distances. The faster riders from the longer distances will not be passing slower riders in other distances, increasing their rider enjoyment and safety.

Your entry will be transferred automatically to 13 November 2021.

We do realise that the new date might not be suitable for riders who have already entered. Please do not hesitate to contact info@ridejoburg.co.za if this is indeed the case. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

947 Ride Joburg holds the safety and enjoyment of our riders as our top priority and sincerely believe this move is in the best interest of our riders.

Please take note that we are running events under Covid-19 regulations. Should participation numbers need to be reduced to comply with Covid regulations, participation will be on a first-in, last-out basis. Those who entered first will receive preference.

947 Ride Joburg offers a full refund should the event be cancelled or downsized due to Covid related reasons.

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