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A bunch of winners

A bunch of winners

Thousands of cyclists made their way through the streets of Joburg to move more in the Discovery 947 Ride Joburg on Sunday 17 November.

“I am obviously very happy taking a win for the team. We had some super teamwork out there.”
Carla Oberholzer

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Women's Results

  1. Carla Oberholzer 2:39:04
  2. Joanna van de Winkel 2:39:05
  3. Parys Edwards 2:39:06
  4. Kim le Court 2:40:09
  5. Catherine Colyn 2:40:11
  6. Tiffany Keep 2:41:53
  7. Sarah Hill 2:41:55
  8. Taneal Otto 2:41:57
  9. Sannara Grover 2:42:09
  10. Jade Roberts 2:43:52

It was a really good race, everything worked out the way we’d hoped. It is a very unpredictable race at the end of the day, so we are absolutely ecstatic how it worked out for us.

Marc Pritzen

Men's Results

  1. Marc Pritzen 2:14:41
  2. Alexander Worsdale 2:14:41
  3. David Maree 2:14:42
  4. Joshua van Wyk 2:14:42
  5. Wessel Botha 2:14:43
  6. Casper Kruger 2:14:43
  7. Jaco van Dyk 2:14:43
  8. Nolan Hoffman 2:15:24
  9. Dusty Day 2:15:25
  10. Calvin Beneke 2:15:25

Racing Tandem Men

  1. Gert Fourche and Willie Smit 2:21:29
  2. Brennan Anderson and Bryan Cusack 2:21:29
  3. Juan Swanepoel and Steven Oberholzer 2:31:04

Racing Tandem Women

  1. Elsie Grobler and Venessa Klein 3:13:26


  1. Lionel Scholtz 2:47:43
  2. Janus Potgieter 3:05:23
  3. Joseph Mokoala 3:33:20

Secure your entry for 2020 by entering today. Entries are available at www.ridejoburg.co.za

Get your results from www.racetec.co.za

All photos taken along the route are available at www.jetlineactionphoto.com

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