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The biggest annual celebration of cycling in South Africa

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The City of Ubuntu

947 Ride Joburg
Road 2022

20 November 2022

The iconic 97 km race through the streets of Johannesburg.
Let’s Ride Joburg.

947 Ride Joburg
Short Ride 2022

20 November 2022

You too can Ride Joburg by cranking along 35 exhilarating kilometres of traffic-free Joburg streets.

947 Ride Joburg
MTB 25 & 50 km 2022

12 & 13 November 2022

10 & 25 km MTB race inside Steyn City on 12 Nov 2022
50 km MTB race inside Steyn City on 13 Nov 2022

947 Ride Joburg
Kids 2022

12 November 2022

Kids ride under 10 y/o inside Steyn City.

It's time to rise and join us

in a

It's time to rise and join us in a

Celebration of Joburg

Experience the richness, contrasts, colours and sounds of the City of Joburg by being a part of the prestigious 947 Ride Joburg. Be electrified and vitalised by soaking up the energy around you. Then let it translate to your legs to turn the pedals of your bicycle. Go fast or go slow. Ride for a Purpose greater than yourself. Or chase down a personal best. Join the 947 Ride Joburg journey that will ultimately lead to fitness, friendship, health and happiness. It is, after all, impossible to be sad while riding a bicycle. Celebrate life, cycling and our favourite city – the City of Johannesburg.


The 947 Ride Joburg is more than just a cycle race – it’s a platform for people to accomplish something great.


Build stronger connections through shared experience riding the 947 Ride Joburg, hosted by the City of Johannesburg.

Ride for a


947 Ride Joburg, hosted by the City of Johannesburg, is an incredible platform for recognising non-profit organisations and making it possible to raise funds for the extraordinary work that they do.

Over the past 25 years, the 947 Ride Joburg, hosted by the City of Johannesburg, has contributed significantly in positioning Joburg as a destination of choice for cycling enthusiasts from around the globe. It’s also helped build the City of Joburg’s reputation as a preferred host city for major sporting events.

We are thrilled to announce the new start / finish venue of 947 Ride Joburg.

947 Ride Joburg, hosted by the City of Johannesburg, proudly announces the biggest prize purse for a single day event on the continent.

R200 000 prize money for our Top Male and Female in our Elite category for 2021

Only registered charities may use the 947 Ride Joburg as a platform to raise funds and awareness for their cause.

Experience the traffic-free streets of Joburg for one day!

Own the streets of Joburg

Experience world-class organisation and world-class fun unique in African Flair!

947 Ride Joburg Road

947 Ride Joburg MTB

947 Ride Joburg Kids

  • FNB Stadium, Johannesburg

  • 11/20/2022

  • 05:30 AM

947 Ride Joburg Road 2022

Road Race

  • Steyn City

  • 11/082021

  • 06:00 AM

947 Ride Joburg Mtb 2022

Mountain bike

  • Steyn City

  • 11/13/2021

947 Ride Joburg Kids

Kids, Special Event